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PLEASE NOTE: Our 2020 Health Clinic has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When the new date has been determined, we will post here, on our Facebook page and also on the OFA website.   Thank you for your understanding.  

SUNDAY, APRIL 19, 2020    9:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.

921 W 14th STREET, WASHINGTON, MO 63090

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For more info contact Debbie Barrioz at durham @ fidnet.com (remove spaces)


***********************CANINE CHIROPRACTIC*******************

Anna Herath, DVM, is now accepting appointments at our health clinic for assessments and adjustments.  Contact Debbie Barrioz at durham @ fidnet.com (remove spaces) for more information and to schedule an appointment.  



Missouri Rhineland Kennel Club holds meetings at least 6 times a year. Visitors are always welcomed! New members are encouraged to join as we'd love to see our club keep growing.  Please see the club calendar on our Events page for meeting times and locations. 

We are an AKC working club and members are required to work at least eight hours per year at club events and attend at least two club meetings during the year in order to qualify for any club awards (or a combination of 24 hours working club events.)  The club offers very nice awards to individuals obtaining AKC titles on their dog(s). Our annual awards dinner is held in January or February with a brief meeting following.

MRKC is host to many events throughout the year. Some of our annual events include an agility trial, an all breed conformation show, an obedience and rally trial, and a club picnic.  We also host a health clinic each year.  

We have several members that are active in AKC conformation showing, obedience, rally, field,
tracking and agility.  To learn more about these AKC events visit
www.akc.org.  If you have a
purebred dog, that is not AKC registered, you can obtain an ILP registration through AKC and
compete in AKC events.   But our club is not strictly about competing with your dog.  We have
several pet owners of mixed and pure breed dogs as well. 

AKC now has competition for mixed breeds in agility, rally and obedience.  You can earn titles on your mixed breed dogs by joining the Canine Partners program.  For more information go to the Canine Partners section of the AKC website.

Many of our club members are experienced in dog training and offer classes, such as puppy
kindergarten, basic obedience, advanced obedience, tracking, rally, and conformation. Join us
at a club meeting to learn more about our club and our members. Feel free to email us for more
information.   Note: January 2018 - We currently aren't holding any classes.   

Our email address is missourirhinelandkc @ yahoo.com 
               (Email address not linked to prevent spam.  Remove space before and after @.)

Please note:  MRKC and its members promote responsible breeding.   If you are looking to
add a purebred dog to your family, please learn about the breed beforehand.  The internet is a useful tool in  learning.  We
suggest buying your new puppy from a responsible breeder who has
experience in the breed and allows you to see where the puppy was raised and at least one of
the parents.  This breeder will ask you to fill out an application because they want to make
sure their puppies are going to wonderful homes.  They will also ask you to spay/neuter your
puppy if he/she is not going to be used in conformation showing. 

Download the club application here.  http://sites.google.com/site/missourirhinelandkc/application

Download the club bylaws here.  http://sites.google.com/site/missourirhinelandkc/bylaws

Download the club awards criteria here.  http://sites.google.com/site/missourirhinelandkc/awards-criteria


Photos and text are property of MRKC and it's members.  Please do not copy anything without written consent.
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