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Missouri Rhineland Kennel Club
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Sharon Rosenkoetter (President)
Email:  hillsdgr @ hotmail.com

Cheryl Westhoff (Vice President)
Email:  cherylwesthoff @ yahoo.com

Marion Johnson (Treasurer)
Email: raincrow @ centurytel.net

Cindy Shea (Recording Secretary)
Email:  eringlo @ yahoo.com

Cindy Brown (Corresponding Secretary)
Email:  winkey214 @ gmail.com

Dr. Patricia Parsons (Board Member)
Email:  caralonqed @ msn.com

Liz Pruitt (Board Member)
Email:  lpcorwich @ yahoo.com

Debbie Barrioz (Board Member)
Email:  durham @ fidnet.com

Susan Watermann (Board Member)
Email:  scwatermann @ gmail.com

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